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Saturday, July 12, 2003


newly updated my blog.dun know can or not. :P

Just added this tag thingy, and what else. Erm... nothing i guess.. trying to change the background also. Maybe next time can put a webcam thing here. :P if onli. Also add a sound to this. Not bad idea ar. Just finish one packet oero. Nice nice, i just realise that i write alot of stuff man. Throughout my life, i think i didn't write as much words bah.haha. English and Valence don't associate. Anyway, leave me a msg or comments abt my work. Thank you.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Didn't write anything last nite not becoz nothing to say, but due to the fact i dun know where to start. Had a arguement with girlfriend. Haiz, same old problem again. It's something concerning the nationality of one self. Well, those who know me well enough ought to know that i dun realli felt belonged here. Maybe now changing perspective bah.I dun know if i can do it, all i'm doing is try. Well, found that my friend, RNB, left me a guitar. Haha, been trying to learn how to play the 6 string instrument. Well, so far, the musical instrument that i'm most familiar with is the double bass which i been learning for 4 years in Secondary. It brings back alot of memories of me in my old sch, Victoria School. All the performances and practises, all the sweat and staying back just to ensure that the performance flow. Tried surfing webbies for some free guitar lessons.
"Cheapskate" haha. no money to go for proper lesson :(

What have u done today? I read one english book today. "Enid Blyton" children story book. haha.. After reading it, it really taught a lot of lessons in life using simple words. I quite like one part where she wrote abt this boy who dare not tell the truth when he made mistakes. He got scolded by his mom and teacher; he felt miserable but he doesn't understand why they are picking on him. Once, he and his friends found this box of chocolate on the ground. He didn't wanna steal it but not daring to reject his friends, he shared the chocolate and hid it at home. His mom found out and gave him a good scolding, but he didn't explain that he didn't want to take. Also in school, he was scolded for not handing in his work because he forget to bring it. However he dare not tell the teacher. Later on, he met this school gardener who told him "you don't know the right way to take hold of a nettle." If you know what nettle is, it's a plant that will sting you with poison if you if you don't know how to handle it properly. The gardener taught him how to handle the nettles that he is facing in his life. After explaining to his mom why he was late that day and what happened, his mom understant him more.

In life, we are often faced with nettles of different kinds. Be it rejecting friends gg out for fun when we have studies to be completed, telling parents why we were late for coming home or saying no to friends who offer us drugs or ask us to rob.
Firm is what it takes to handle the nettles in our life. A no to a party when you have exams the next day may cost you to lose a chance of having fun, but gaining a chance to score well for studies. A no to a smoke or drugs will cost you the friends that you hang out with, being labelled uncool, but a chance to live longer and healthier. We must know when things cannot be accepted according to our beliefs, we shouldn't compromise unless it's for our good. True, it may hurt our friends feeling but then if they are our friends, they will undertand and respect our decisions. To a friend out there, even as you are hurt by what you think of yourself. Think abt what the story i wrote, some things have to be stop and say no. If you continue to ÈÌÆøÍÌÉù you are only making yourself miserable. Stand up and be firm. Sticking up for what you believe in right make people respect you. It takes courage, no doubt, just practise more.

With Faith, all is possible

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Hey ppl, today is the middle of the week, yes, WEDNESDAY.So how's ur week so far?
Those that are in sch, are you all enjoying talking to your classmates about what u have done during the holidays? Well, it's been a long time since i know what's holidays. Holidays to me was often a period of time where i study alot and spend my time either online or gg out with friends. No special memorable moments, except one 2 years ago.

I went to Peneng with my ex gf and 4 more other gers, Qiuxuan, Lizhen, Hui huiand her 14 yr old sis. Ya, it was the first time i travelled overseas with my friends and not with school or parents. Well, it was a 5D/4N free and easy tour. Well, as you all might not know, I'm scared of planes. I don't know if it's the air con inside that stinks or the plane lifting off, well, i'm just scared. The journey was not that long and we had a good time on the plane, coz i was sleeping throughout. :P Once we reach, we had to go through custom. Being malaysian, i had a shorter queue. Yeah. After which we were brought to our hotel. It's a 3 floor hotel resort, which has a sea side "attached" to it. (pardon my grammer). Qiuxuan and Lizhen worked in the hotel industry for couple of months so they managed to get good rooms for us. So checking in was a breeze. The allocation is Qiu+Lizhen, Huihui+Sis, Me+Ex GF(Xiaoting).Huihui sis being young and innocent was asking how can she stay in same room as me. Abit the paisei to answer such question. LOLX. When we go up to the room, our room was facing the staircase. Kinda scary., like those shows you know whereby ... someone knock ur door. But other than that the room was just like any normal room. First of all was to check out the view. Quite happy that it was facing the sea. Like sea breeze, cooling and all. Well, first day we just went out for dinner at nearby pasar malam and brought back some tibits and noodles. AFter which, we play monopoly. Haha. First night so far so good. 2nd day we went for breakfast together, well, not trying to be racist or something. But the singaporeans there really misbehaved. Haiz, looking at them kiasu with the buffet is like *shakes head*. You know what i mean. Notorious for it anyway. after meal, we were brought to visit the town and sightseeing. THis doesn't interest me at all. The only thing that interest me is the Peneng Laksa. *Drooling* Who can forget the taste of such delicious delicacy. Bought a few gifts(dun know how to spell survinor) for friends back here. Things there are quite cheap though you have to bargain for it. Bought a inflatable chair for sister too. *Wonder where it is now, gg to dig it out*
2nd day past. 3rd day is what i consider my worst day of the trip. Shopping.....Shopping with one girl is okay, two girls is alrite lar, but 5 gers. KILL ME someone. Followed them walk about the shopping mall, till at one pt of time i was pissed off and walk off by myself to look for stuff that i can do, like books. Only after much persusasion, i went back to join them. Haiz..Only to become the carrier for them. Sigh, lucky my hands are big or else, i can't imagine. It was a horror. Big bag and small bag. Lolx. I didn't get much except books. Cheaper there too. Also bought some small gifts. How we got back i can't remember, but then we sort of enjoy bah.

4th and 5th day was spend at Langkawi, an island not far away from Peneng. We sign up for a snokelling course. Our hotel room was facing the sea again. Not bad huh. First day was spent swimming. Don't see me fat fat cannot swim one, I used to swim alot at my old house where there is a swimming pool. Swam for quite long time, dinner was a bargain with all you can eat. Went to play billards there. Then a nap. The next day, we went to snorkelling, the weather was hot. But then we had to learn how to swim with goggles and the breathing tube. The life vest was troublesome and then you can literally feel the fishes swimming past you. It was awesome. When you threw bread they will swim towards you. It was abit scary for the girls bah cos when i threw bread towards them, they were screaming away. The water was quite clear, though we can't see much corals,lest the dead ones. It was amazing to see the fishes swim and the water so clean. Haiz, I really pray hard that humans do not pollute the water anymore. Conserving places like this will make people marvel at Nature. The images will be left in my mind forever. Muha... I don't think such a memory can be replaced. After we got back to hotel, i realise that i been sun-burnt!!!!!!!!!! The worst thing is that we are leaving for Singapore that nite itself. Shit, remind me to bring sun block lotion next time. Another plane flight back here, and my dad came to fetch us back home. First to Xiaoting place in Boon Lay, then my home. I miss my sister dearly. After getting home, I saw my uni application form on the table and learnt that i was accepted into the School of Computing in NUS. AFter filling in the particulars and all, it was alradi 1am. I had to report for army for the first time the next day. Shit. After applying some lotion, i went to sleep.

It's been 2 years since the trip but can still remember the times bah. Maybe it's the first and only time I ever travelled alone with gers? or maybe the trip bring back fond memories. Well, this is just an experience and memories that i had. Hope to go to either Taiwan, Australia or USA at the end of this year. Muahah, but i must prove that i study well before claiming a reward. Anyone care to join me? Pls msg me and arrangments will be made.

%%%%%Great sorrow comes from small sin%%%%%%

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Morning ppl and hello dear blog. How are you guys today? (crappy)

Just finish reading a story on love. Get it at taiwankiss.com/board2/data/41082.html.
It's abt a ger who was raped when she was in high school. Many years after the incident, she still cannot forget the past, hence she lack confidence in love and strive to work hard. She saved up and want to get a house for security. He is her superior and offer to share lodging with her when he knows she was kick out of house by landlord. Soon, chemistry happens and as usual. :P
Question of story : When you love someone, would you bother whether she is a virgin or not?
Morale of story : A non-virgin may not mean she/he is a loose person. When you love someone, you are loving her all and you should accept her past. Different people have different perspective i think, but my view is that love the inner self and not the outer appearance.

Well, slept at 6 am yesterday. And woke up quite early 10am. Was downloading songs and chatting with my friend online.
After waking up, continue being online till abt 11 plus i had lunch and call my friend awhile. Haha, after that i think time just flies ah. Coz i didn't do anything except sleep. Woke up in the evening and told my friend my dream i had.
Gf was still in sch, getting pissed off i think coz she was queueing up to meet her advisor but it seem the queue is never ending. Watch abit of tv, Channel 8's . It's quite a good but diversfy show. Is love realli irrational? I can't answer that but i know some ppl have done crazy shit for love. There is this mainland con-ger inside the show whom Yang Yang likes. He trust and likes her alot, saying that even if she's bad, he will still like her. Is it a promise or is it just a causal remarks, guess only the script-writers at MCS know. Personally i feel is that even if that person is bad, i will continue liking her, but at the same time try to bring her back to the path. Though she might change and i might not like her new self, but i rather it that way. In life, often right and wrong is just a thin line. And the one who drawn the boundary is ourselves. In love, there is not right or wrong. There's only feelings. Feeling is a veri subjective thing. You can't just change a person feeling easily. When you know that this person is lying to you, what is the point of you hanging on to him? You can think of excuses for his doing but do you think he deserves you? Sometimes it takes a minute to step back from the relationship and you will look at the r/s clearly.

Love is blind? I don't know. But the sad thing is we often lie to ourselves that nothing is changed and that the other party is still loving us. I once was like that too. THinking back, i am just too childish. I never regretted what I have done.
So my advice to you single ppl is that open your eyes big big and look around you. Don't just hop on to someone. Must make sure this is a person whom you can get along and nice to you. To those that are attached. Be sure to reflect upon you relationship at least once a month. THink about what areas can you two changes for the better and thrash things that you been bottling up.

Say serious stuff again. Haha. Maybe this is just a way of me expressing myself. Hope u ppl dun mind. Ok on a lighter note. Have you guys though of how you wanna be buried after you died? I thought of it today and feel that i want to be cremated and lift off to outer space and have my ashes to be scatter into eternal space where time does not exist. Hahaha, in a way, I am living eternally. Weird thinking rite. Haha. My sister was quite cute today when she recorded her fart on my mircophone. Any listeners? My two rabbits are still alive and kicking. They are great eater. Sigh. I think they eat more than me in a day. Lucky fellows. If only we have a chance to experience one day of their life, do you all think humans will treat animals better? I dun know. Pls send me your comments.

It's late.. oops.. if slp late, gg to become panda real soon. Sending you my best regards and love.



*.*.*.*.* Deep in thought *.*.*.*.*

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Yo, ppl. Morning.What's so good abt this morning.Nothing in particular. Just that A friend's mom called me at 7am.and i slept at 4am.Stress man.So how's are you ppl's sleep?Any dreams? Tell me abt them okay.Muaha.. Last night i had a short dream. Hm..Dreamt of my ex gf.Quite a funny dream one though.Dreamt that she arrives with friends to come to my place.Only in my dream does she looks more realistic.Doreen, if you are reading this, don't be jealous o.muahha.
Woke up to go online. Wanted to post a song i wrote, but then it doesn't support i think.Who knows how to deal with such thing, pls teach me. Thank You.

GG to slp soon.tired man. Any plans for you guys? Maybe gg to reflect upon life later. Tml Youth Day rite or isit today? I can't be sure. It's been a long time alreadi. Kinda Sad. I miss my youth. Sometimes i feel that happi times only occur when you are young. To those youths out there, don't be shy to flaunt it. But remember you are only youth once, learn to treasure things around you. Look around you, there are many un-youths out there, whom you might view as out-dated or old fashioned. But they were also young once and have travelled many paths leading to where they are today.
Give us these old ppl some credits. Without us. do you think u have such a day call youth day? :P
Also, use this day to reflect what u have done for the past year bah :p (If you can remember what u do)
Gg back to dreamland to reflect my life and seek for happiness. lolx

Listening to Love dosn't have to hurt by atomic kitten

Long time since i wrote man.damn.what's with me? I don't know.Getting more and more lazy i supposed.My face is disfigured.I just undergo one small small operation.I can't walk for abt 6 weeks.Made alot of new taiwanese friends.Still with my gf.Well,i guess that's abt all. Will fill in if i have more to say

well, It's been a kinda boring day.In the morning, woke up to find a friend lying on my sofa.... Power rite? Okay, then been online ever since.Well, tried to record my singing online and it works.Plus, a software that makes ur mp3 into karaoke format when u want it. Technology, what more can we ask? :p Chatted with alot of friends and all. Know what they do today, how they feel. Through online, i try to get to know them better but i guess technology can never replace the physical sense of being there for friends. Well, chatted on the phone with a friend of mine, You-know-who-you-are, for a long time today. Hahaha.. Quite enjoyed it. Told me abt stuffs never meant to be said :P Well, I got advice for you, Just keep swimming and keep swimming. LOLX.

Enuff Crapping. Listening to Songs of Nicolas Tse. Bian Zou Bian Ai.

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